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Precognition Press was founded by talented people to promote and distribute the creative endeavors of dynamic artists who find it difficult breaking into the quickly evolving marketplace of today.

The larger publishing houses have spent years establishing an industry that no longer can be sustained in the age of the Internet.

Now they tremble in fear, their over-reaction to market changes manifested by actions unproductive to their original interests.

Precognition Press embraces the Internet, recognizing it as the perfect tool needed to counter this over-reaction. We will be open to industry change, realizing the potential such change can bring to the market. Our product is creativity at its best, and our mission is to distribute it worldwide.


HOWARD LORING is the author of two Science Fiction/Fantasy novels or so-called EPIC FABLESBeyond the Elastic Limit: An Epic Fable, originally published in 2010, was reissued in a Revised Edition in 2012 and Piercing the Elastic Limit: An Epic Fablewas also published in 2012, by PreCognitionPress.

Both works are concerned with the elastic limit, a term used in the books that deals with time distortion, as well as being a metaphor for the reader’s imagination.

Each novel has a strong historical content, sometimes biographical, providing exacting insights into differing time periods.



Howard Loring is a pen name.  Slight personal information is revealed.  Loring’s book jackets yield only that he “currently resides in the southeastern United States of America, on Planet Earth.”  Photos on the author’s Facebook Fan page depict the country and woods, beekeeping, and astronomy as among his interests. Artwork he created, in the form of concrete sculptures, is also posted.

The publisher’s website, www.precognitionpress.com, furnishes a book chapter read by the author.  Beyond this, there is little biographical information available.



Loring’s books are epic fables, simple stories with universal implications.  The narrative is dialogue driven, sweeping in scope and action. 

Each book deals with time, but the plots are unconnected.  Both share similar language and employ the same technology -- a time-viewing machine.

Though technically defined as Science Fiction and/or Fantasy, Loring’s novels defy classification.  Both works embrace similar genres: mystery, detective tale, historical fiction, adventure saga and love story. 

Each novel possesses a dual literary nature. Both are fables, usually defined as simple tales conveying a moral, or moral lesson. As well, they are epics, larger stories that dwell on internal changes that lead to personal growth.

In Beyond the Elastic Limit: An Epic Fable, a time-viewing machine used by an advanced civilization malfunctions and time explodes, creating havoc.  Actions employed to rectify the situation force characters to explore larger issues.  This novel probes human values, multiple gods, social development and civil ethos.

Piercing the Elastic Limit: An Epic Fable,takes a mysterious “Old Man” through time using the machine.  He meets such historic figures as Julius Caesar, Christopher Marlow, Robert Schumann and others, in order to defeat foes that are deliberately distorting the flow of time.   This novel incorporates the theme of business and technology run amok, and how each can be misused for devious ends.



Both books are redemptive tales, dealing with basic philosophical concepts such as truth and justice, good and evil and “might makes right vs. right makes might.”

As in any epic, flawed characters evolve as a result of their quests, gleaning insight into these universal human ideals.  All must grapple with difficult personal choices.  Hard decisions, forced by dire circumstances yield unforeseen consequences, challenges that must be met and overcome.

As in any fable, the narrative style is simplistic, yet the action is layered with fast-paced sequences often presented through flashbacks and proceeding from different points of view.  In the end, each major character develops a personal morality.

Beyond the Elastic Limit: An Epic Fable is technically a myth, a story dealing with ancient gods who hold dominion over human activities.

Piercing the Elastic Limit: An Epic Fable is properly folklore, fiction based on real characters as opposed to legend, traditionally considered stylized portrayals of actual historic events.  


Howard Loring has a Fan page on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/HowardLoring

He can be reached via email through his publisher, PreCognitionPress, at www.precognitionpress.com .  



Questions Persist

Fact or fiction? The question is still being asked in connection with Howard Loring's Epic Fables. Despite repeated assurances that they are fiction, the rumor persists that the incidents within the works are in fact a true depiction of real events.

Precognition Press is undeterred. The truth of the matter to us is moot. Both are great books in either case.


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