As described in my BOOKS, my CURRENT REALITY was hijacked by FOES of the ELASTIC LIMIT, causing this Website to be caught in a TIME DISTORTION, a FROZEN LOOP in TIME, which continually replays this PAST TIMELINE.



Thanks for your understanding, Howard Loring


PREcognition Press News

PREcognition Press is pleased to announce the new novel in the ELASTIC LIMIT series,


Release Date: January 1st, 2012

PIERCING the ELASTIC LIMIT, the second astounding EPIC FABLE from master storyteller HOWARD LORING, traces the determined actions of the mysterious but compelling ‘Old Man beyond the Portal,’ as he and his redheaded assistant pursue their secretive Mandate to rescue the imperiled planet’s future.

A page turning quest spanning the ages, once more this elusive author employs the simple FABLE to reveal a vast and gripping EPIC adventure through time and space, portraying with penetrating insight authentic lives of genuine historic figures including Aristocrat Julius Caesar, Writer Christopher Marlowe and Master Musician Robert Schumann, to name but a few.

Filled with high intrigue and escalating excitement, this engaging
EPIC FABLE surpasses the reader’s imagination yet again, transporting them into a formerly hidden and baffling realm of reality, all by


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BEYOND THE ELASTIC LIMIT is now in its second edition release! The ELASTIC LIMIT series advances beyond the limit of your imagination beginning with a simple fable of good and evil, that weaves with epic proportions throughout the ever-expanding natural stages of normal social development.

Amid this backdrop of sweeping external advancement lay those elemental, internal choices that all of us must make if we choose to live a life with true meaning and purpose.

Here is a redemptive tale of good people forced to choose between bad options and what happens to them when they do experience these issues at the very core of humanity.

Explore through time and space the very stuff that makes us human and transcend your own conceptions to pass"BEYOND THE ELASTIC LIMIT."

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TALES OF THE ELASTIC LIMIT Not a sequel but a continuation, this third volume of the Elastic Limit series (2015 new edition) is a compilation of twelve intriguing short stories, all presented in Epic Fable form, that together convey the larger, hidden meaning of the elusive Elastic Limit of Time. 

These new stand alone Epic Fables can be experienced in several different ways as any story can be read independently of the others, but reading the chapters forward in sequence tells the book’s full adventure while also connecting all three Elastic Limit volumes. 

Yet, as Time is ephemeral, this book can also be read backward by starting with the last chapter and working forward as it’s the same account from either direction, which is entirely the whole point of Howard Loring's collective narratives concerning the mysterious Elastic Limit of Time.

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Precognition Press is on record disclaiming that the Epic Fable, BEYOND THE ELASTIC LIMIT by Howard Loring, has been launched amid controversy. Although an unnamed blogger has raised questions relating both to the veracity of the author and to the fiction status of the book, Precognition Press hereby states that we are unconcerned by the decision of the author to use a pen name, or that very few facts about him are known. As well, our publishing house, being dedicated to bringing our readers the very best in current literature, take at face value the assurances of the author that the work is indeed fiction.




Beyond The Elastic Limit

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Unamed Blogger Named!

An irate blogger, who in the past has created disruptions at book signings of the author Howard Loring, has been identified by an alias used in the bloggesphere, as one Titan Leeds.

According to him the author's new work, BEYOND THE ELASTIC LIMIT--AN EPIC FABLE, is a true account, and also that the said author is in truth one of the characters contained in the book.

As proof, he further alleges that the portrait supplied by the author is in fact a copy of an image derived from the time fistula, a mechanical devise used within the story.

As further proof he confesses that he himself is a character in the book, and he takes exception to the story line in general, being an eyewitness.

Precognition Press has invited him to write his own account. So far he has declined this invitation.